Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Kitchen of Comfort II

What could be more comforting than roses made of butter?

Sometimes comfort is hard to come by.  I've been rolling with some uncomfortable circumstances lately and haven't found anything that would qualify as "comfort food".  Except music.  There is a thickness that comes with music into a space and occupies it somehow in a similar way to light filling a dark room.  Like people, songs are all different inherently.  Like people some songs enter a space and immediately put a smile on someone's face.  Some songs sparkle.  Some songs change when you hear them over time, under different circumstances, through the muffled sound of rain falling on a concrete patio outside a screen door, or in the silent safety of the illusion with which we panel our interior lives.  Sometimes.  Sometimes you find a song that you can just count on every time.  These songs are rare.  So are these people.

So.  Comfort food and the Theatre of Comfort Dinner Series...

The South makes many people feel like home!

I've drummed up ideas from my own feeble headed memories of growing up in the Southern United States and from talking to a few people here and there.  I would like suggestions as well.  Let me know what else I can incorporate to diversify this (heavily Texan) 'Dirty South' tasting menu for our first event...I know y'all have ideas 'cause y'all loves to eat!  Thank you and enjoy!

The Theatre of Comfort : Act I  "The Dirty South"

Scene I
Corn 'n Crab "Li'l Debbie" vs. Mac 'n Cheese "Poppers"

Scene II
NOLA's Fried Gulf Oysters and Krystal Hot Sauce

Scene III
"Border Town" Ssrimp 'n Grits
(Blue Corn Hominy Grits, Gulf White Shrimp & Chorizo)

(Your mouth won't believe it either)

Scene IV
Hill Country Jackalope with Taters 'n Greens
(Deep fried rabbit confit, mashed potatoes, mustard greens)

Scene V
BBQ by the Pound...How else would y'all serve it?
(Malta glazed smoked brisket, Lamb spareribs, Pork slider)

Scene VI
Buttermilk Biscuits & Homemade Jam

Chess Pie and Satsuma Oranges


  1. The menu... The execution... The ingredients... All above named in the menu are classic to those of us lucky enough to have been born in the south. Yet, lucky enough to travel elsewhere to build a repitoire of techniques elevating said "comfort food" into a swirling overture playing on the palate like a string section with the horn parts and percussion building into a complete orchestral movement. The visceral thought about the food is one of home and youth. I wax nostagiac.. And melodramatic. Yet, would have liked to see buttermilk and tobasco soaked frenched out onion strings coated in rice flour and fried somewhere in there.. But that's MY heritage coming through. Have a blast cooking the menu. Play "God's Kitchen" mix on the iPod. And think of friends far away that continue the work and continue to push through the mire of corporate kitchens to have insurance for themselves and their year old, knowing that the time will come for art again. For music again, and for love of the food as just that. The love of food.

  2. Love you too, brother! Look forward to playing in God's kitchen again sometime!